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    99% of people choose a whole set of packages!!!
    Note: including rings, necklaces, Symmetrical earrings, bracelets.
    The unique and ingenious design makes daisies and bees become sparkling decorations.
    Breaking the convention, the daisies we are familiar with are different, which is one of the reasons I love it.
    A single decoration and a whole set of decoration have their own characteristics, but it is strongly recommended to buy a whole set, which can make you the most unique one among the crowd.

    • Ring: about 54.4MM in circumference (adjustable opening),In the original state, the US size is 7
    • Bracelet: ,about26CM ( adjustable opening 26CM - 47CM) in circumference 
    • Earrings: symmetrical (two identical short earrings), asymmetrical (one long earring and one short earring)

    • Necklace: suitable for most people
        A whole set to wear with family and friends, this will make your feelings more intimate, this will also be the most special gift for relatives and friends.