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    Bored at home?Come choose and get YOUR OWN carpet.To make your room alive and adorable.

    The surface of the floor mat is very soft, even the raw egg will not break falling on the ground.

    The mat can be washed directly,no fading,no deformation,and more convenient cleaning.Also,they can be vacuumed as well.

    Product Usage:
    Prevent the baby from falling when he is not stable when playing on the top. It can also be used as a gymnastic mat indoor, which is convenient for storage.
    When laying on the ground, you can't feel the cold on the ground. You can make a carpet and make a bed temporarily to sleep.

    Which to choose,depends on your needs.Refer to the figure below:
    (The following picture is just a suggestion on size and shape. It has nothing to do with color. You can choose your favorite color.)

      Bottom display:
      The back of the floor mat is made of foamed EVA material, which is environmentally friendly and will not damage the floor. Also it's Non-slip.In order to prevent the corners from falling off, it is cut into oblique cuts. The bottom of the EVA has a thermal insulation function, which can improve the cooling and heating efficiency of air-conditioned rooms and save energy easily.


      • Soundproof, shockproof, waterproof and thermal insulation;
      • Laying is simple, flat, and the surface has specific slip resistance; thickness is 1CM;
      • The product is odorless and can be used without cleaning and cooling; it is especially safe for babies to use;
      • Ultra-thick product thickness, to prevent the baby from falling when he is not stable when playing, can also be placed indoors as a gymnastic mat to use, convenient storage.

      1. Please unpack the package before use, and put it in a ventilated place for a while to fully disperse the residual weak odor.
      2. Please follow the tooth-to-tooth assembly, and you can make any creative combination (the teeth are connected on the four sides. Laying is simple and flat)
      3. Children under three years of age should be accompanied by an adult.
      4. For cleaning, please wipe with a wet towel, vacuum cleaner, and water.


      Product name: Classic mosaic floor mat
      Brand: Honey
      Style number: A888
      Material: EVA plastic foam
      Weight: 0.060KG / 1 piece
      Single piece size:11.8*11.8*0.4(Inch)

      DIY Show:


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