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    Peachy booty is no longer a distant dream!



     Fast & Easy - Instead of going to the gym for a variety of butt exercises, you can shape your butt at home without spending too much time

     Ergonomic design - It fits perfectly between your upper thighs, which makes it super comfortable during the exercise

     Multifunctional - BootyPro™ 2.0 can be used for butt, chest and forearm exercises

     Durable - It's made of high-quality elastic steel and PVC friendly material


    Peachy booty is no longer a distant dream when it comes to BootyPro™ 2.0! This easy-to-use trainer strengthens the glutes and trains your hips. It lifts your butt and makes it firm, toned and attractive. It is the most time efficient way to get the booty you've always wanted.

    Small and portable BootyPro™ 2.0 allows you to work out on your booty from the comfort of your own home. It’s ergonomically designed with an adjustable high-quality elastic steel and it fits perfectly between your upper thighs, which makes it super comfortable during the exercise.


    1) Place the BootyPro™ 2.0 between your upper thighs. Adjust the trainer until it is resting snugly up against your buttocks. Make sure the wide open end of the trainer is placed under your buttocks and the narrow end is facing towards the front of your body.

    2) Squeeze the BootyPro™ 2.0 using your upper thigh and buttock muscles.

    3) Tighten your muscles and slowly count to 10. Clench your muscles as tightly as you can to get the most benefit. Relax your muscles for a few seconds, then repeat the exercise. Do this for 5 minutes every day.

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